As part of a new release for the Airspace Change Portal, we have added some new features and upgraded some of the existing functionality for both sponsors and the public. These changes are as below:

Public functionality

  • Help text has been moved out of the criteria search fields and now shows below them. The help text is now still visible when entering information into a search field.
  • You are now able to search by 'title' and 'created' on the main homepage. When selecting 'created' you will be able to select a time frame to search for newly created airspace change proposals (ACPs).
  • The dropdown list when searching by sponsor has been amended to only show sponsors who have a published ACP.
  • The public proposal area has been re-ordered to make the progress of the an ACP clearer and collapsible sections added.
  • Documentation in the public proposal area on ACPs has been amended to be in date order so that it is clear when a document has been uploaded no matter what stage it relates to. 

Sponsor/CAA functionality

  • In the Sponsor Area, you are now able to search ACPs by entering a word(s) from the title or the precise ACP number, making it easier for sponsors who have a large number of ACPs. 
  • A function to enable you to edit the 'name', 'stage' and 'type' criteria of a document has been added. This is accessed from the usual document management area of the ACP administration and now shows an 'edit' option. 
  • The size and character count of the CAA Response textbox has been increased. 

For any questions or issues, please contact