Purpose of this change

This proposal is for a Permanent change to the notified airspace design, and the change level is TBC.

Removal of dependency on the BIG DVOR and the DET DVOR which are due to be removed in the near future.


Stage 1 : Define

This step has been started

During stage 1, the sponsor submits a statement of need, setting out the objectives of their airspace change proposal and the issues or opportunities it seeks to address. Subject to the CAA accepting that the airspace change process is the appropriate mechanism to achieve the objectives of the proposal, the sponsor will go on to develop the current-day scenario and design principles. The change sponsor will share the current-day scenario and proposed design principles with relevant stakeholders so they can comment accordingly, and take those comments into account.

Documents for this proposal (1 document)

Statement of Need (70.5kB PDF)

Stage 1 - Statement of Need

Date added: 17 October 2022


Potentially affected area

This is the area which may be affected by this airspace change depending on its development. This area may change as the proposal is developed.