Step 4b : Submit Proposal to CAA

Purpose of this change

Bournemouth Airport has RWY 08 and RWY 26, both providing precision approach capabilities via ILS. The preferential runway is RWY 26 handling 75% of all arrivals with the remainder utilising RWY 08. The ILS on RWY 26 is CAT III. The ILS (CAT I) serving RWY 08 is obsolete and needs to be replaced. The ILS was installed second hand in 1984/85 and the equipment and maintenance support is at end of life. Unrecoverable failure of the ILS on RWY 08 will have serious operational consequences denying easterly Precision Approaches and increasing dependence on RWY 26. In addition, the publication of EU Implementing Rule (IR) 2018/1048 stipulates the implementation of PBN approach procedures to both RWY 08 and RWY 26 by 2024. By 2030 the IR emphasises the preference for PBN over conventional ILS CAT I.

Documents for Step 4b : Submit Proposal to CAA

CAA response to Step 4b

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