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You can expect to see the following documents associated with each airspace change proposal on this website. The organisation responsible for each document is displayed in brackets.

Step 1a - Assess Requirements

  • Statement of need (sponsor)
  • Assessment meeting minutes (sponsor)
  • Assessment of statement of need (CAA)

Step 1b - Design Principles

  • Design principles (sponsor)
  • Design principles engagement process (sponsor)
  • Acceptance of design principles (CAA)

Define Gateway

  • Gateway assessment (CAA)

Step 2a - Develop & Assess

  • Airspace change design options (sponsor)
  • Design principles evaluation (sponsor)

Step 2b - Options Appraisal

  • Options appraisal (Phase I - Initial) (sponsor)
  • Assessment of options appraisal (Phase I - Initial) (CAA)

Develop & Assess Gateway

  • Gateway assessment (CAA)

Step 3a - Consultation Preparation

  • No documents are published at this step

Step 3b - Consultation Validation

  • Consultation strategy (sponsor)
  • Approval of consultation strategy (CAA)
  • Options appraisal (Phase II - Full) (sponsor)
  • Assessment of options appraisal (Phase II - Full) (CAA)

Consult Gateway

  • Gateway assessment (CAA)

Step 3c - Commence Consultation

  • Consultation documents (sponsor)
  • Consultation responses (members of the public and other stakeholders)

Step 3d - Collate & Review Responses

  • Collation, review and categorisation of responses (sponsor)
  • Approval of categorisation of responses (CAA)

Step 4a - Update Design

  • Consultation responses document (sponsor)
  • Options appraisal (Phase III - Final) (sponsor)
  • Updated design (if applicable - sponsor)

Step 4b - Submit Proposal to CAA

  • Airspace change proposal, in redacted and executive summary versions (sponsor)
  • Call-in request (if applicable - members of the public and other stakeholders)

Step 5a - CAA Assessment

  • Confirmation that document check complete (CAA)
  • Dates of expected Public Evidence Session and associated documents (if applicable - CAA)
  • Public Evidence Session statements (members of the public and other stakeholders)
  • As applicable: additional meetings between the CAA and stakeholders; requests for further technical details or amendments; responses or revised proposals

Step 5b - CAA Decision

  • Draft regulatory decision (CAA)
  • Feedback on draft regulatory decision (members of the public and other stakeholders)
  • Final regulatory decision (CAA)
  • Assessment of options appraisal (Phase III - Final) (CAA)
  • Safety review (CAA)
  • Operational assessment (CAA)
  • Consultation assessment (CAA)
  • Environmental assessment and statement (CAA)

Decide Gateway

  • Gateway assessment (CAA)

Step 6 - Implement

  • Airspace change proposal outcome and implementation arrangements (sponsor)

Step 7 - Post Implementation Review

  • Confirmation of PIR data requirements (CAA)
  • PIR data submission (sponsor)
  • Stakeholder feedback on PIR data submission (members of the public and other stakeholders)
  • As applicable: review of modification requirements; report and review of effect of modifications

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