1. Introduction

1.1 NATS and London Luton Airport (LLA) are co-sponsors of this proposal.  
1.2 The scope of this project was to reduce the complexity of LLA arrivals and their interacting relationship with Stansted arrivals, in turn reducing air traffic controller workload and assuring a safe and efficient operation for the future. 
1.3 The airspace change was implemented on Thursday 24th February 2022.

2. Airspace Change Process:  Post Implementation Review (PIR)

2.1 The final stage of the airspace change process (CAP1616 Stage 7) is for our regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), to review how the airspace change has performed, including whether anticipated impacts and benefits in the original proposal and decision have been delivered.
2.2 The change sponsor (NATS-LLA) is to carry out a rigorous assessment, usually 12 months after implementation.  Note that the PIR is not a review of the decision on the airspace change proposal 
2.3 The PIR requires one year’s worth of operational data to be collected, then analysed, summarised and supplied to the CAA.  

3. Date range for data collection

3.1 In February 2022 the CAA published information on how PIRs should proceed for recent airspace changes that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (link to CAA PIR page).  The relevant statement applicable to this airspace change is:

Sponsors of ACPs should commence data collection from 27th March 2022. 
A phased approach to commencement of data collection may be taken by sponsors to take account of resourcing requirements. 
Therefore, commencement of data may be initiated at any point between the 27th March 2022 and 27th September 2022.

3.2 In accordance with the CAA requirement and data collection commencement period, we intend to start data collection on 1st June 2022, ending on 31st May 2023.  
3.3 These dates were selected on the expectation that the impacts of the pandemic on LLA air traffic would be minimised as much as possible shortly before the main summer period starts.  The subsequent 12 months are expected to provide a representative data set.

4. What happens next?

4.1 NATS-LLA will ensure appropriate data collection takes place within the stated period in accordance with the CAA’s PIR Data Request letter published here on the public airspace change portal for this proposal (link to home page for this proposal).
4.2 After the collection period is complete, NATS-LLA will analyse and process the data, submitting it to the CAA for their assessment.  The CAA will review the submission, combine it with other data they may collect or receive independently, and publish their conclusion.

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