London Southend Airport

London Southend Airport, FASI- South, redesign of departure and arrival routes

ID: ACP-2018-90

This proposal is for a Permanent airspace change, and is level TBC.
Created: 04 February 2019
Last updated: 27 February 2019

Stage 1A assessment meeting held on 24 Jan 19. Assessment meeting minutes and presentation uploaded on 08 Feb 19.

Define Gateway - This step has been started

At the Define Gateway, the CAA reviews and signs-off the documentation relating to Stage 1.

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Purpose of this change

Redesign of London Southend Airport's departure and arrival routes and procedures as part of the airspace modernisation strategy under the FASI-South Programme

Potentially Affected Area

This is the area which may be affected by this airspace change depending on its development. This area may change as the proposal is developed.

Documents for Define Gateway

The CAA Response

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