Purpose of this change

This proposal is for a Temporary change to the notified airspace design, for which a scaled airspace change process applies and a change level is not applicable.

An opportunity has arisen to provide freight air transport services connecting St.Mary's Airport and Land's End Airport with the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems as a NHS Logistics support in response to COVID-19 requirements. Given the current regulatory and technological conditions , these flights require the provision of a segregated volume of airspace between the ATZs of both airports .

The proposed TDA would allow for a temporary segregation of the traffic of unmanned aircraft within Land’s End Transit Corridor, used by commercial flights and GA aircraft for transiting to and from the Isles of Scilly.


Step 6b : Implement (Extension)

This step has been started

At Step 6b, the change sponsor may request an extension, which will be considered by the CAA.

Documents for this proposal (5 documents)

CAA Decision email 23.10.2020 (137.6kB PDF)

Decide Gateway - Gateway Decision

Date added: 26 October 2020

Summary of Stakeholder Engagement and TDA Proposal (1.9MB PDF)

Step 4 - Airspace Change Proposal

Date added: 26 October 2020

Statement of Need (76.2kB PDF)

Step 1 - Statement of Need

Date added: 22 October 2020

Assessment Meeting Minutes (148.8kB PDF)

Step 1 - Assessment Meeting Minutes

Date added: 22 October 2020

Assessment Meeting Agenda (99.5kB PDF)

Step 1 - Assessment Meeting Agenda

Date added: 25 August 2020


Potentially affected area

This is the area which may be affected by this airspace change depending on its development. This area may change as the proposal is developed.