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Holbeach - Airspace: danger area

ID: ACP-2017-46

This proposal is for a Permanent airspace change, and is level M1.
Created: 28 September 2018
Last updated: 21 August 2019

Develop & Assess Gateway - This step has been started

At the Develop and Assess Gateway, the CAA reviews and signs-off the documentation relating to Stage 2.

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Purpose of this change

The UK Academic Air Weapons Ranges (AAWRs) have needed to evolve since the infancy of military flying and the requirement to practice weaponry tactics. DIO Holbeach (EG D207) has barely altered since the cold-war; when training focused on high speed, low-level hit-and-run style attack profiles using dumb bombs. Modern air weaponry profiles using smart weapons and associated tactics are conducted in a significantly different fashion and often assume air-superiority; enabling modern Air Systems to loiter on station overhead the range for an extended period whilst working ground-based Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) for talk-ons to varied targets in Close Air Support (CAS) scenarios. To cater for these modern flight profiles, training and new weapons, the airspace needs to be enhanced. The principals of FUA will be considered throughout the ACP to ensure that, wherever possible, the minimum volume of airspace required to achieve the military mission is requested.

Potentially Affected Area

This is the area which may be affected by this airspace change depending on its development. This area may change as the proposal is developed.

Documents for Develop & Assess Gateway

The CAA Response

'The CAA has completed the Develop and Assess Gateway Assessment and is not satisfied that the change sponsor has met the requirements of the Process up to this point. The CAA does not approve progress to the next Step'

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