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Relocation of RAFAT training airspace

ID: ACP-2018-72

This proposal is for a Permanent airspace change, and is level TBC.
Created: 22 November 2018
Last updated: 16 September 2019

The RAFAT ACP has been paused due to on-going RAF discussion regarding the airspace options development criteria. A new timeline will be established once resolved an update will be provided by the end of November 2019.

Step 2a : Develop & Assess - This step has been started

During the Develop & Assess Step, the change sponsor develops one or more options that address the Statement of Need and align with the defined design principles.

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Purpose of this change

The RAF Aerobatic team (RAFAT) currently operates from RAF Scampton (EGXP), and conducts display training in EG R313 (centred on RAF Scampton). Following the MOD announcement (Jul 18) to close RAF Scampton by 2022, a new operating location and training airspace is required for RAFAT. An airspace structure meeting the training requirements and providing suitable protection for high energy manoeuvres and aerobatic display would need to be established. The current parameters of 9500 ft amsl within the area bounded by a circle having a radius of 5 nm will be examined as suitable for task during the process of this ACP. The requirement would be for RAFAT operations to be no less-safe than in the current restricted airspace. This proposal presents an opportunity to deregulate the use of the current EG R313 airspace, and establish the new airspace structure at new location, yet to be determined.

Potentially Affected Area

This is the area which may be affected by this airspace change depending on its development. This area may change as the proposal is developed.

Documents for Step 2a : Develop & Assess

The CAA Response

The CAA has instructed the ACP Sponsor to remove the diagram of the potentially affected area. The original diagram depicted an area covering much of the UK so added no value for interested parties. The CAA understands that the affected area is dependent on the basing options that have yet to be determined; once this information is known, the CAA will ensure that the potentially affected area is presented on the ACP Portal. In considering version 2 of the Statement of Need the CAA has determined that the proposal is in scope of the airspace change process. The CAA has provisionally determined that this airspace change proposal will be a Level M1.

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