Step 2a : Develop & Assess

Purpose of this change

As part of the wider airspace modernistation in the South East, London City Airport Ltd. is planning to make changes to integrate the airport’s arrival and departure routes, and associated airspace structures, with proposed higher level routes proposed by NATS. These changes could affect traffic at altitudes from 0 to 7000ft. London City Airport currently has a system of PBN and conventional SIDs, STARs and arrival transitions which were introduced in 2016. Passenger delays are expected to increase sharply over the next ten years if the airspace structure and route network are not upgraded to introduce additional capacity. The Future Airspace Strategy Implementation South (FASI South) programme has been established by NATS and 15 key airports operating in southern England, including London City Airport, to coordinate a series of linked ACPs that will modernise the overall airspace structure and route network.

Documents for Step 2a : Develop & Assess

The CAA Response

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