Step 4b : Submit Proposal to CAA

Purpose of this change

RAF Little Rissington (LR) is a notified Gliding Site detailed within Section ENR 5.5 of the UK AIP. Whilst it is used at weekends and Public Holidays by 2 FTS for the training of RAF Air Cadets, it is also used mid-week by the RAF Parachute Training School, Airborne Delivery Wing, Joint Helicopter Command and Tactical Air Traffic Control. There have been numerous occurrences over the past 18 months with GA traffic overflying LR and several occasions where launches have had to be terminated. There have also been instances of Airprox, which have all been attributed to the fact that LR sits within Class G airspace. Contact with the local LARS unit and publicity to local airfields has been useful with some limited success; however, evidence of incidents does exist with some GA traffic, where the aircraft has not been in contact with any ATC agency. 2 FTS therefore seeks the establishment of more formal airspace to give more effective and positive 2-way communication.

Documents for Step 4b : Submit Proposal to CAA

20200616-LR ACP-2019-045 Engagement Document

Consultation Strategy

Date added: 16 June 2020 15:18

The CAA Response

This proposal is following a scaled process outlined in the CAAs ATZ Policy Statement. Targeted stakeholder engagement is undertaken following the assessment meeting and presented in documentation at stage 4, step 4b.

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