Step 2a : Develop & Assess

Purpose of this change

In 2017 the Department for Trans port (DfT) published the strategic rationale for ‘Upgrading UK Airspace’. This strategic rationale anticipates that airports will continue to grow, and that the operational constraints imposed by current airspace arrangements would increase unless airspace is updated. East Midlands Airport is seeking to begin the process of updating its airspace. This will include reviewing arrival and departure routes for aircraft operating at altitudes of 7,000 feet and below. These lower level changes will then need to integrate with changes made at higher levels, and at other airports, as part of the national programme of airspace change. Currently, arrival and departure routes at East Midlands Airport do not fully utilise the capability of modern aircraft navigation technology and techniques resulting in the inability to; potentially increase efficiency, reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions, enhance safety and reduce impact of aircraft noise.

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Date added: 16 March 2020 08:49

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