Purpose of this change

This proposal is for a Temporary change to the notified airspace design, for which a scaled airspace change process applies and a change level is not applicable.

Flylogix have been contracted to conduct surveys of methane emissions from offshore oil and gas facilities in the North

Sea around Shetland. This ACP is to establish the temporary airspace to conduct these operations.


Decide Gateway

This step has been started

At the Decide Gateway, the CAA reviews and signs-off the documentation relating to Stage 5.

CAA response to Decide Gateway

The CAA has completed the Decide Gateway Assessment and is satisfied that the change sponsor has met the requirements of the Airspace Change Process. The CAA approves the implementation of this airspace change proposal for the reasons and on the conditions set out in the regulatory decision document.


Documents for this proposal (9 documents)

Stakeholder Engagement Summary (9.4MB PDF)

Step 4 - Engagement Evidence

Date added: 27 July 2023

Regulatory Decision (213.5kB PDF)

Decide Gateway - Gateway Decision

Date added: 18 July 2023

TDA Submission (563.1kB PDF)

Step 4 - Airspace Change Proposal

Date added: 04 July 2023

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (205.9kB PDF)

Step 4 - Consultation Document

Date added: 23 June 2023

Timeline Amendment (201.8kB PDF)

Step 1 - Timeline Agreement

Date added: 17 April 2023

2022-044 Assessment meeting minutes (325.5kB PDF)

Step 1 - Assessment Meeting Minutes

Date added: 03 February 2023

2022-044 Assessment Meeting Agenda (33.6kB PDF)

Step 1 - Assessment Meeting Agenda

Date added: 19 January 2023

Assessment meeting presentation (2.1MB PDF)

Step 1 - Assessment Meeting Agenda

Date added: 17 January 2023

ACP-2022-044 Statement of need (57.2kB PDF)

Step 1 - Statement of Need

Date added: 16 September 2022


Potentially affected area

This is the area which may be affected by this airspace change depending on its development. This area may change as the proposal is developed.